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How was Intra Drive launched?

"In 2016 I began working on designs for a combined multi-speed gearbox with motor for e-bikes. Since then I have funded the design, prototyping, and launch of the company, through a combination of self-funding and grant funding from Scottish Enterprise, and more recently, Niche Vehicle Network. In this way we’ve succeeded in developing a highly innovative product through to TRL level 7, we now have fully working prototypes, have filed two patents, and have strong interest from several bike brands.”

- Mark Ravilious, Founding Director

Why are we raising capital?

After 5 years of working full time on development of the drive unit, we’ve now de-risked the technology, have a stable design, and proven demand. We now need to accelerate development and move to production. We've now reached the most exciting stage of our company's development and are seeking investment to complete industrialisation, testing, start production, expand operations, and grow our team.

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