Environmental Manifesto

The burning of fossil fuels and disproportionate consumption of materials and energy by wealthy nations have driven humanity to a state of climate and ecological collapse.


But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The bicycle is the most efficient mode of transport known to man. E-bikes consume a tiny amount of energy per km when compared to electric cars, and require far less material and energy to manufacture. e-Mobility is the future of urban transport.

By adopting a circular economy model which respects planetary boundaries, we will demonstrate that a livable world is possible. We will work to reduce our impact and embrace regenerative practices.

  1. We will apply a circular economy model. This is a model of production and consumption, which focuses on minimising environmental footprint, maximising repairability, re-use and enabling recycling.
  2. We will strive to minimize embodied carbon footprint by using renewable electricity for manufacturing.
  3. We will raise awareness of the urgent need for action.

Electric bikes are key to reducing fossil fuel use. Everything Intra Drive can do to improve e-bikes - making them more user-friendly, more accessible and more efficient - will encourage wider use and directly help address our planet’s climate emergency.