Our Vision

We're on a mission to develop e-bike powertrain technology which outlasts and outperforms with our combined gearbox and motor mid-drive system.

  • We are an innovative start-up company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • We are developing a revolutionary ultra-durable e-bike drive unit.
  • Our gearbox based system is designed for longevity, ensuring that your ride is never interrupted by a failing drivetrain and making drivetrain maintenance a thing of the past!

We aim to change the way e-bikes are powered, and change the way products are designed and manufactured by embracing a circular economy model. Our drive unit is designed to outlast the rest of the bike, with minimal maintenance. The system has consistent & dependable gear shifting and a powerful electric motor to boost your ride.

Our Technology

How it works


Our sealed gearbox and motor design has several advantages over traditional derailleur gearing:

  • Dependability: 10 year design life, very low maintenance.
  • Durability: Sealed unit. No cables, no exposed gears.
  • Noise: No loose chain rattling.
  • Heavy duty: High load capacity.
  • Consistent: Gearshift performance at the touch of a button.
  • Kinematics: Centralised mass delivers improved handling & suspension performance.

Intra-Drive’s drive unit features an 8 speed gearbox, with a 427% gearing range. Gear change is sequential, using an electric actuator housed inside the gearbox. The hardened steel gears are protected from water and grit, inside a sealed, oil lubricated enclosure.

Electric Motor

Empowering your ride!

We have developed proprietary motor technology, which integrates seamlessly with the 8 speed gearbox, forming a single compact unit.

  • Compact, modular, high torque density.
  • Innovative reduction gearing arrangement.
  • 100+Nm Torque at rear wheel.

Smart Shifting

The custom electronics runs our custom software that constantly monitors torque, cadence, wheel speed and motor temperature, and will interface with the electric motor, user controls, and gear-shift actuator.

This means the system is highly configurable, allowing for a fully managed shifting experience that can optimize the way the bike shifts gear. Automatic shifting could be made possible with this system in the future with a simple software update.

There are no cables connecting the rider interface on the bars and the gearbox.


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Our Team

Mark Ravilious

Founder and Director

Craig Gault

Mechanical Engineer

Steven Shand

Brand Manager


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Castlebrae Business Centre, Peffer Pl, Edinburgh UK, EH16 4BB