Our gearbox technology eliminates rear wheel gearing. Hardened steel spur gears are protected from the elements within a sealed, lubricated enclosure. Our patent-pending sequential gear change mechanism uses an electric actuator for rapid and consistent shifting performance. Our custom control algorithms ensure a smooth shift every time.


Our proprietary motor technology is fully integrated with the gearbox, forming a single compact drive unit. Our novel reduction gearing arrangement enables a high torque output, with a very small footprint. Power is then transferred to the rear wheel via a belt or heavy duty chain.



  • Low maintenance - all gears are enclosed away from the elements. Extremely resilient against mud, grit, dust, snow and sand, and as a result hard wearing.
  • Low unsprung mass resulting in improved suspension performance.
  • Wide 470% gear range provides the capability to ride all kinds of terrain.
  • Straight chain line, resulting in less chain wear and longer chain life!
  • No dropped chains. All the benefits of singlespeed life but with 8 gear and a motor!
  • No exposed dérailleurs, delicate hangers or brittle cassettes. Less parts susceptible to external damage.
  • Fast & consistent gear shifting, throughout the life of the bike


  • Low maintenance - minimal drivetrain cleaning required
  • Fleet bike schemes can benefit from low OPEX.
  • Straight chain line, resulting in less chain wear & longer chain life!
  • Optional silent belt drive, lightweight and clean (no lube/degreaser required).
  • Change gears when stationary and shift multiple gears in one go!
  • Even steps between every gear, making gear changes very predictable.

Last Mile

  • Low OPEX through low maintenance.
  • Transmission designed for higher loads than dérailleur gearing - perfect for hauling heavy cargo.
  • Change gears without pedalling – a particularly handy feature for a loaded cargo bike. Select the best gear before taking off at the traffic lights, or select the appropriate gear for starting on an incline.
  • Smart shifting for the right gear at the right time. No need to train fleet staff in the operation of gear shifting and prevent damage or premature maintenance of the fleet.
  • Reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by switching to E-Cargo Bikes.

  • Niche Vehicle Network EAV Project Link


    e-Bike Drive Unit

    Gearbox drive unit with integrated motor

    Transaxle Drive Unit

    High power multi speed differential drive

    As seen in


    Mark Ravilious

    Founding Director

    Mechanical engineer, cyclist, and environmentalist with 15 years’ experience within the wind turbine, automotive and electronics sectors.

    Tom Beards

    Mechatronics Engineer

    Designer and multidisciplinary engineer capable in mechanical design, electronics, 3D printing and programming. Previous experience in R&D for vertical farming automation.

    Steven Shand

    Business Development Manager

    Brand builder, with expertise in product design and brand management in the bicycle and outdoor industry.

    Jonathan Nicholson

    Mechanical Engineer

    Engineer and cyclist, with +15 years experience in R&D and NPI within the wind, wave energy and energy storage sectors.

    Peter Slotwinski


    Engineer, cyclist and project manager with experience in electronics development for the automotive sector. Track record of taking early stage technology into series production.

    Cirdan Heughan

    Sales Manager

    Endurance cyclist and a seasoned mountain biker with a tonne of experience in the bicycle industry. Former product manager at Hotlines UK with a degree in mechanical engineering under his belt.

    Ross Davenport

    Mechanical Engineering Intern

    Passionate cyclist, surfer, van lifer and bicycle frame fabricator all while studying Design Engineering at Imperial College London. University projects include industrial design, mechanical FEA, vehicle CFD and robotics design.

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